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The Comic:

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Running from a home visited by misfortune one too many times, Ana finds that the only other place she can turn to is the nearby home of a family of Sprites. She's heard of how the Sprites can give you anything you want as long as you give them something valuable in return, but she's also heard many tales of trades gone wrong. In desperation, Ana decides to take her chances with the Sprites, making a blind leap into a world of swirling fog and bent truths.

I've been working on the story and characters of Scattered Leaves since December of 2007, when I came up with them on a ski trip for a friend's birthday. We were going to the mountains in Virginia, and it was beautiful and cloudy and misty, and it was screaming to be used as a setting. So I did!

Scattered Leaves is my first comic ever, so while I do take seriously the story and characters and the way I present them, I play around with the presentation a lot, as you can see most clearly in the early archives. I'm learning a lot about comic-making (among other things), and I'm always looking for better ways to do it, so if you have any critique to offer, I'd love to hear it!

The Creator:

My name is Shannon Dixon (Seanan is an internet alias, but it's pronounced the same as Shannon) and I am an artist and art student. I like webcomics! You can see how much I like them on the Links page. I think the first webcomic I ever read was Demonology 101 by Faith Erin Hicks. It's still one of my favorites.

I want to go to college for illustration so I can learn cool stuff. I also want to study anatomy, because I'm interested in how the human body works and looks, and what can happen to it. I like cats and tea and cloaks and fingerless gloves and broccoli and old faery tales and fiddle music. And cold, clear, windy weather. I dream of living somewhere somewhat rural where there's green everywhere and I can see many stars. Maybe in the mountains, or farther North, or even in another country! I don't know yet.

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