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*cough*   -  January 22, 2010   -   01:41pm

Yayyyyyyy 30 pages!! Man, this week has been crazy. I've started running each morning with a few other people and doing a little yoga afterward, and it really helps me to wake up and have more energy throughout the day, which makes for having a better day. I feel so good! Except I have a bit of a cold, but it's definitely not a big deal. In this page I started expirimenting with contrast again, kind of like I did in a few of the earlier pages (starting here: It's less 'realistic' in a few cases, but I feel like it helps to set the tone (haha) a little better. I also learned that drawing groups of unknown people takes a bit longer than drawing two main characters, since I have to consider the anatomies of more people, and their proximity and how that looks and stuff. That's why the last panel isn't so great in terms of linework, since I was rushing to post before my first class.

AAAAAAH   -  January 23, 2010   -   01:13am

Man, I forgot Evan's arm hair :(

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