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AAAAAAH   -  January 23, 2010   -   01:13am

Man, I forgot Evan's arm hair :(

finally!   -  January 29, 2010   -   08:01am

This is the last page of this scene! Next week I'm going back to Ana. I've missed drawing her! Sooooo I'm kind of excited. Also, I'm going home this weekend, which is pretty nice.

that nest   -  January 30, 2010   -   09:55pm

I meant to mention it in the last post, but drawing this nest in the comic is pretty cool, particularly since I've kind of built one myself (though not large enough for a grown man to lie down in): That's how I got the idea for including it here.

:P   -  February 4, 2010   -   12:48am

Well, I've got a big project going on between two of my classes (it's a collaboration) and an Art History midterm and a PreCal quiz tomorrow... and I've also got things to do on Friday, so I'm going to say that as of now, the update should be up by Saturday. Sorry about the delay!!

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