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yuss   -  February 12, 2010   -   12:13am

I have never been good at drawing dogs... XD I'm happy to say that I know know that, when using markers, coloring with a circular motion makes the colored area look a whole lot more even. *is pleased*

OHHHHH   -  February 12, 2010   -   12:37am

Ack, I almost forgot! Thank you everybody for all of the wonderful reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *collective hug* It means a lot! It's good to know where I'm going right... and, of course, exposure is good too ^^ Again, thanks!!

Review time!!!   -  February 15, 2010   -   10:43am

Smyzer and Blyde is an action comic with a very, very graphic style, the likes of which I haven't seen before. It seems to rely on the shapes of the areas of light and shadow to create depth, maybe moreso than line, and it's really sharp and intense, which definitely goes with the story it's telling (It's sharp and intense :D). Very fast-paced. And it's a good read, you get pulled in pretty quickly. From the beginning you know there's something going on. So go read it!

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