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Sunset Grill   -  March 5, 2010   -   01:13am

Yeahh!!!!! Sunset Grill is a comic set in the future, and it involves gangs and a green-skinned minority and kids and adults and government security specialists and veterans and waitresses and more who all come together at a restaurant from time to time. There are about a bazilion characters, which I find really riveting, and each one of them is their own person. And there's always something going on. Also, it's a 3-D modeling type comic, which, to be honest, used to put me off a little in comics for various rather un-thought-out (and un-researched) reasons, but this was the 3-D modeling comic that drew me in enough to make me realize that its medium is very much valid as a tool for comic-making and art-making. It's awesome, go read it. I love it.
(...and the world is very developed, too... world-building for the win!)

also, just FYI, I may be a little bit late on the update for this week. But I can report that I've had HUGE progress in character and story development in the past week, and it's been wonderful and you will hopefully see evidence of it soon.

flats   -  March 7, 2010   -   11:44pm

So, this is what I have. I'd do more, but I have to start a paper before I go to sleep. I wanted to try out a different way of doing the comic, because I got bored of the way I've been doing it and felt like I might could do better another way (plus, my markers are starting to run dry again). I did the linework entirely in pencil and the (beginnings of) shading on my computer. I like the computer shading, but the pencil is too messy. Anyway.
I'm sorry the update is so late, and so unfinished. I'm not great at managing my time right now, but I'm working on it. Hopefully I can pull myself together over spring break, heh. Just one week to go! Speaking of next week... I think I'll probably have the time to at least do the linework for page 36, possibly more.

This week's comic feature is Cetiya! I'll write more on that later, because I really need to write so I can get a decent amount of sleep.

page 36   -  March 13, 2010   -   12:12pm

About the lack of a page yesterday... well, I only finished shading the page from the week before on Wednesday night, and I thought I'd have time to do some work on Thursday but I didn't. Or yesterday, really. It was exam week. However, that's not completely why I haven't been updating very consistently lately; part of it is just me learning to work off of my own motivation (and also the motivation that there are actually people who are reading this), and to push myself to improve on that work, drawing on self-motivation as well. Just stuff. Exhaustion doesn't help either. Anyway, sorry there wasn't a page. There WILL be one this week.

Kinnari!   -  March 15, 2010   -   08:41pm

This week's comic is Kinnari! It's based on lots of Indian (as in from India) mythology, and she seems to have done her research pretty well (I have little knowledge of Indian mythology, but considering the quality of the footnotes she puts in her descriptions sometimes, I think it's safe to assume she does). Her panels are pretty well-composed, and thus far her characters are interesting.
One thing that I personally appreciate about the art is Meenakshi's sensitivity to anatomy, and how a character might look in real life if they were doing x (whatever they are doing in x page). Just go see it :)

I wonder if you saw this coming   -  March 22, 2010   -   08:18 am

I should have XD
Okay, so obviously I've been getting my pages in quite late recently, if I've posted them at all. Right now I don't have the time that I need to put into the pages, so Scattered Leaves is going on Hiatus until this June. Of course I'll keep working on the story and characters and stuff, but I can't keep the whole comic (and everything else in my life right now) running smoothly, so I'm going to try to graduate first! I'll still post here sometimes, maybe give you a few good sketches of the characters or a scene if I come up with any, and I'll keep up with the weekly comic feature stuff (I'll post this week's later today).

I'll also post stuff on dA sometimes, so if you want you can check there from time to time.

comics of the past few weeks   -  March 31, 2010   -   04:45pm

Late comic pimping, so they will be up for a loooong time!!!! I'm sorry they weren't up sooner. First, you have Chris Wall's Fuzznuts and Nonsense. I've read the first, but not the last one. Fuzznuts is about two squirrels, and it is a humour strip. It's pretty funny and I enjoyed it, but be warned, there is some crude humour.
Next there's Nightlyre's The Plains of Eldlor, which involves lots of dragons thus far and some people too. I think it's great how you can read expressions on the dragons' faces and they still look "dragon" and not "human", and the story is pretty intriguing too.

FEATURES   -  May 31, 2010   -   10:16 am

HEY! I am here to post all the features I have missed. Sorry it's so late!

First, we have School Spirit! It's a comic about kids attending an australian primary school, and sometimes they talk to spirits (lol)! It's pretty funny, sometimes breaking the fourth wall to poke fun at itself, and the kids seem to act like real kids. School Spirit is also about to celebrate its sixth birthday on June 12th, with 866 pages to this day :) So go read it!

Next is Precocious by Chrispy, another comic about children! These kids are very smart, but being kids they still have a lot to learn. They are also very furry. The style is kind of traditional pen-and-ink looking, with some color pages here and there, a bit like Calvin and Hobbes. It's funny, definitely worth a read.

What Nonsense has a graphic, colorful style. It seems noir-ish to me, with a sarcastic kind of humor and a compelling story, as far as I've read. It's interesting how the art can be really cartoony in some moments and gritty in the next.

Catalyst is a fantasy comic with flowing art, from the linework to the coloring. It gets more and more elegant as the story goes on. The story is paced well, keeping up interest, and by the end of each update you're left wanting more.

Sakana No Sadness is a humorous little comic about a modern Pygmalion who lives in his parents' basement. Surrounded by his hoard of comics and video games and the like, he has toiled over a robot that will become "the perfect girlfriend". But instead of fulfilling his desires, the first thing she wants to do is redecorate his cave of a living space. It's very funny, and I'm enjoying it thus far. Sakana No Sadness is made by the creator of The Artiste Manquee, now concluded, which was also very humorous. Both of these comics are pretty great :)

Lastly, Between Places! The art is very painterly and atmospheric, and it has become more clear and potent since the comic began. The story, too, has been a bit hard to follow at some points, but has become more clear. The characters are quite human, and easy to empathize with. It's certainly worth reading and following!

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