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This week   -  February 24, 2010   -   11:23pm

So, there's been a lot going on this week, and I haven't really been able to work on the page, so this Friday you'll get some filler art. It started as a sketch in Art History, and it just grew from there. It's kind of an exercise in body language, but also fleshing out characters a bit. I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Also, this week's comic review is of What It Takes by Kez (who also made War Of Winds)! It's still pretty new, but it already has character, and the setting is unfolding wonderfully! It's a "post-apocalyptic, martial arts survival story", and is rated R for harsh language and violence (just so you know). I'm definitely enjoying it thus far :)

filler page!!!   -  February 26, 2010   -   12:00am

Yeah! The guy is Virgil, he isn't in the comic just yet, but I have plenty of other drawings of him on my dA account so I thought I might as well post this. Sorry again that there's no page :P

Sunset Grill   -  March 5, 2010   -   01:13am

Yeahh!!!!! Sunset Grill is a comic set in the future, and it involves gangs and a green-skinned minority and kids and adults and government security specialists and veterans and waitresses and more who all come together at a restaurant from time to time. There are about a bazilion characters, which I find really riveting, and each one of them is their own person. And there's always something going on. Also, it's a 3-D modeling type comic, which, to be honest, used to put me off a little in comics for various rather un-thought-out (and un-researched) reasons, but this was the 3-D modeling comic that drew me in enough to make me realize that its medium is very much valid as a tool for comic-making and art-making. It's awesome, go read it. I love it.
(...and the world is very developed, too... world-building for the win!)

also, just FYI, I may be a little bit late on the update for this week. But I can report that I've had HUGE progress in character and story development in the past week, and it's been wonderful and you will hopefully see evidence of it soon.

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